Hello Foxfield Residents,
Due to the upcoming general election in November, in an effort to avoid as many complaints and reports as possible, the Board wanted to share some information regarding political signs in your lot and in the Common Area(s). For the most part, these restrictions apply to the entire Foxfield Village Master Association, including the single-family homes, the Estates at Foxfield, The Retreat at Foxfield, Foxfield Court, and Foxfield Villas*.
(o) …no sign, advertisement or billboard may be erected or maintained on any Lot except that:
(iii) One political sign per candidate or issue not more than three feet high or three feet wide, not to exceed a total of six square feet, is permitted on the Lot for up to three weeks before the election but must be removed within 24 hours after the election.
(p) No sign shall be placed or maintained in any Common Area without the approval of the Approving Party.
This same text also appears in:
Regarding signs in the Common Area(s):
  • The Board (the Approving Party) has decided to not approve any sign (political or otherwise) in any Common Area(s) in the neighborhood.
  • Any sign placed in these areas will be removed.
Just to help make it clear to everyone, the Common Area(s) in our neighborhood include:
  • The lawns maintained by the association along 119th St., Lone Elm, Monroe, 117th St., and Iowa St.
  • The green spaces inside the neighborhood (both irrigated and non) that are maintained by the HOA using a landscaping company.
  • The pool area, the parking lot, the playground, and the volleyball court.
  • Any place where there is a walking trail.
As always, please let us know if you have any questions by replying to this email, by contacting Shelley (shelley@cmckc.com), or sending an email to president@foxfiledvillage.org**.
Thank You, 
Foxfield Master Association Board of Directors
*The Foxfield Villas sub-association will create a dedicated sub-HOA with a separate set of restrictions for the lots within the sub-association, so these rules may change. The lawns bordering the Foxfield Villas along Lone Elm and 117th St., however, are maintained by the Master Association, and are therefore part of the common areas.
**There have been reports of replies from this email address landing in the junk or spam folder of some email providers. If you send an email to presdent@foxfieldvillage.org, please add this address to your “safe senders” list to ensure you receive the reply.