Hello Foxfield Village Residents,
Once again the board is saddened to address ongoing concerns regarding the behavior of a group of teenagers at the pool.  We addressed this behavior last summer, but unfortunately similar behavior has continued this summer, most notably with an incident last Sunday. We received multiple complaints from residents about the same group of teenagers loudly using foul language, behaving inappropriately for a family facility, replying rudely to anyone who attempted to address it with them, and damaging pool furniture.
Upon reviewing the reports and the video evidence, the board has determined that a majority of the group does not live in our neighborhood, and are therefore not members of our association. This is a serious problem, and the board needs the assistance of all pool-going homeowners to help solve it.
Firstly, it is critical that all residents swipe their assigned keycard to enter the pool enclosure.  In our attempts to identify the individuals responsible for the behavior and property damage, we found that another resident simply opened the door to allow the group to enter. Your pool keycard is proof that you are a member of the association in good standing, and it is the only safeguard we have to limit the use of our pool to residents who support the pool upkeep via their dues. If residents let anyone into the pool who asks, it only increases the burden on those of us who contribute to the association.
Secondly, although the pool area is equipped with multiple security cameras, the cameras are not monitored, nor is the pool area policed by any member of the board or the association. Because of this, the board relies on your reports of offensive and dangerous behavior, as well as incidents of trespassing. We can only address issues that are reported to us. Please do not feel compelled to address any issue yourselves, but if you can provide the date and time of the issue, as well as a general description of the individual or group in violation, it will help us greatly when reviewing footage and investigating the issue.
Please send all reports to both trevor@cmckc.com and president@foxfieldvillage.org.
Finally, as an association, we expect all members to follow the rules posted on the pool gate, and to act in a manner that does not endanger or offend the other residents, especially families with young children. The freedom that comes along with young adulthood is understandably a challenge to navigate, so if you have children who are 13-18 years old that attend the pool unsupervised, we ask that you take some time to go over the pool rules with them and discuss what behavior is expected and what is inappropriate. You can view the pool rules here.
If you have any questions, please contact Trevor at Centennial Management Company using the information below.
Thank you,
Nicholas Semrau
FFV Master HOA President
Trevor Staten
Property Manager, Centennial