Hello Foxfield Residents,
The Foxfield Village Master Association annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 8th at 7:00 PM. As we have done with our other board meetings the past couple of years, this meeting will be held electronically using Zoom (Note, we previously used RingCentral Meetings, but have changed to Zoom this year). Details for attending the electronic meeting will be provided the day prior to the meeting on the event page on our this website. You can view this page at https://foxfieldvillage.org/event/master-annual-meeting/.
This meeting is your chance to vote for the members of the Master Association Board of Directors for 2023, and we would appreciate your attendance. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ATTEND, PLEASE FILL OUT A PROXY FORM SO THAT WE HAVE ENOUGH VOTES TO PROCEED WITH ELECTIONS THIS YEAR. A quorum (15%) of HOA residents is required to hold this meeting. You can complete the proxy form electronically at https://foxfieldvillage.org/proxy/. If you would prefer to complete and return a paper version of the proxy form instead of completing it electronically, please use the contact information below to request a paper form from Centennial.
The Foxfield Village Master Association Board of Directors is open to all Foxfield Village residents, and we are always looking for members who work hard to help make our neighborhood such a great place to live. If you are interested in running for a position on the board, use the contact information below to reach out to Centennial with your information. You must contact Centennial stating your interest to be included in the voting by Friday, November 4th to ensure that you are added to the ballot.
The agenda for this meeting is as follows:
  • Current board discussion and approval of the 2023 budget
  • Presentation of candidates for the 2023 board
  • Voting
  • Current board Q&A and discussion
  • Vote counting and 2023 board announcement
Hope to see you at the meeting!
Foxfield Village Master Association Board of Directors
Property Manager
Centennial Management
Trevor Statenemail
Phone: 913.648.1500 x4723
Direct: 913.563.4723
Assistant Property Manager
Centennial Management
Kate Knappemail
Phone: 913.563.4727