Per the association bylaws, a proxy may be utilized if you are unable or choose not to attend a meeting of members at which voting will occur. This Proxy assigns your voting rights to another individual who will vote his or her opinion, unless you instruct them how to vote*.  This person is referred to as the agent or proxyholder.

Alternatively, you can utilize this proxy to forego your vote to indicate your agreement with the results of the vote by those present at the meeting.

This proxy:

  1. Must be submitted 24 hours prior to the the start of the meeting so it can be filed with the secretary of the Association ;
  2. May be revoked by you at any time;
  3. Shall automatically expire within 11 months of submission, or sooner, if an earlier date is provided below.

Click here if you want to download a printable version of this proxy form that you can sign and submit directly to another resident or to the management company instead of submitting it electronically.